.Me, nieuwe domeinnaamhandel: ‘love.me, read.me, f…’

2408489740_f03e65b67b_o.jpgEr komt een ‘nieuwe’ populaire extensie in de verkoop. Montenegro heeft de eer om een .me toegekend te hebben gekregen. Van 6 tot en met 20 mei loopt de sunrise voor de geregistreerde handelsmerken. Van 6 tot en met 26 juni de grote verkoop bekend als ‘landrush’ om vanaf 17 juli de vrije publieke verkoop in te gaan.Populaire .me-domeinnamen zijn Contact.me, Drive.me, Fly.me, Help.me, Love.me en natuurlijk Buy.me.

The upcoming landrush for the latest domain extension will both be an exciting and frustrating time for domainers this summer. Exciting for those who have enough dough to shell out for expected premium dot me domains. Frustrating for those expecting to land premium domains because most will be held for auction.With less than 2 months to go before the tentative landrush for Montenegro’s .me domains, I received streams of emailed alerts about it which is nothing new really. The same old news about dot me domain registration has been around for months now.

With the supposed universal appeal of these .me domains, Godaddy.com the registrar who won the rights to sell these domains will be holding “premium” verb-oriented dot me domains for auction after the landrush period. So expect domains like fly.me, buy.me, find.me, watch.me, rent.me, ride.me, sell.me and many more that may imply some form of commerce, to sell for at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. Marketers will have a feast day with this new development!

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